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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Coach and Boss

Hello again fellow swimming club members.. Sorry for the late update. I was busy working on my moral assignment till 2 in the morning on Friday and then go for swimming in the afternoon, sleep at after 12 and wake up the next morning at 8 on Saturday to go for physics class..and ended up sleeping after 12 again..and finally wake up at 11.30 am today. XD.

So as written from the title above, I'll be introducing our coaches and bosses today.

The President.
Liew Ee Chia.

155-160cm tall. She had missed 2 meetings out of 4.
When she speaks no one listen. XD
Look closely.
She's actually holding her phone.(Waterproof)

Next is our Vice-president and Male Coach. Paul. Here's pictures of him.

Real Paul. His funny pose made him look like a retard.
Don't be intimidated by his look.
When i first saw him i was like wtf?
His face looks as if you owe him a huge debt. -.-
But then he turn out to be friendly....

This is Bluetooth.
Actually his name is Tzun Ern.
Our treasurer.

I've no idea why they call him that.

The one sitting like TAIKO there is him. -.-

The one in the middle there is Sim.
He's the secretary.
He got six packs.
I wish I've too. -.-

Female Coach. Siaw Wei. Pretty tall..

Finally...the last one....

The one on the left of the photo is our PR, Hu Ting Wei.
The one on the right is me, Ming How.
And apparently we're the only that still cant swim properly. -.-

That's all for this post. Signing out.
Read again next week.
And sorry for the messy layout of the pictures and captions.


Anonymous said...

yoyo.....i cum liaw.....
wei...pls change the backgrounds lah...
so bunga bunga 1...so hard wan to see world ah....

Swimming Club said...

Uh..okok. I'll change it asap.

Anonymous said...

haha nice post.....

Anonymous said...

This blog who write de???
ee chai or ????

Swimming Club said...

Er..it's not ee chia.. Anyway..leave some comment about this post guys.

Anonymous said...

So this is UCSI swimming club? How to join?